Place bets up to €1,000,000 without any limits!

VIP Bets for Everyone

What is VIP Bet?

VIP Bets allow you to place bets without standard restrictions, up to €1,000,000, on any event, from football to esports, including live events!

Who can place VIP Bets?

VIP Bets are available to all players, not just VIP players. There are no restrictions!


We will check your bet within 15 minutes before the match and up to 5 minutes during live events. If we can't accept it, you'll get a refund right away.

Need more info?

Reach out to our support team at or via Intercom.

Bet freely

Continue placing bets as usual on any events.

No limits

You can place bets up to €1,000,000.

Win big

Enjoy your VIP winnings!

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